The album is off to the digital presses, and it’s scheduled to drop this Friday the 19th! However, release dates are apparently tricky to coordinate amongst Spotify, iTunes, and the like, at least if you’re launching without too much notice. But what’s the fun in a carefully strategized and micromanaged release? This is indie shit, it’s supposed to be a little funky! Funky like cheese, and funky like James Brown.

I made my first album when I was 16. It was called “Sweet, Sweet Jazz” and featured my alter ego “Mikey G” playing sexy saxophone licks over a bed of musical inside jokes.

The Unimaginable does not feature a turtlenecked- and pimpled- teen on its cover, but I promise it is still quite good. It will arrive on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and everywhere else in a week or two. Until then, take a listen to the title track at SoundCloud: